ARC The Sky between You and Me by Catherine Alene


Expected Publication: February 7, 2017


Lighter. Leaner. Faster.

Raesha will do whatever it takes to win Nationals. For her, competing isn’t just about the speed of her horse or the thrill of the win. It’s about honoring her mother’s memory and holding on to a dream they once shared.

Lighter. Leaner. Faster.

For an athlete. Every second counts. Raesha knows minus five on the scale will let her sit deeper in the saddle, make her horse lighter on her feet. And lighter, leaner, faster gives her the edge she needs over the new girl on the team, a girl who keeps flirting with Raesha’s boyfriend and making plans with her best friend.

So Raesha focuses on minus five. But if she isn’t careful, she will lose more than just the people she loves. She will lose herself to Lighter. Leaner. Faster.

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Note: We received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

There are so much awesomeness going on with this book but let me start off by telling you how much I am in love with the way it is written.

The Sky Between You and Me is written in a verse form which usually makes me balk out and shake my head no because I am not that much of a fan of poetry. But this managed to have that poetic feel at the same time a narrative which I so love! I found myself highlighting (I would never deface a physical book. I have an eBook copy. Thanks again, Sourcebooks Fire!) so many phrases that I was in the danger of highlighting the whole book. In love, I tell you.

Ms. Catherine is such a fine writer that I found myself getting lost in the words in the very first page. I sobbed (tears and snot) when a character (read: dog) was in an accident. And this part is only, according to Kindle, at 3% of the book. This was how I was invested and engaged in this book.

I found myself doubting Rae’s boyfriend, hating the new girl, disappointed with her Dad. I saw things the same way Rae did. I was a puppet and Ms. Catherine held the strings. And I loved every second of it.

An aspect that makes this book a must read is the topic that it talks about. It talks about anorexia nervosa, a mental disease. This is definitely a matter that needs more awareness and thank you Ms. Catherine for writing all about it.

I read in the stats that was provided at the back of the book that in the US, 10 million women and 1 million men are suffering from an eating disorder and that the mortality rate for anorexia nervosa is 12 times higher than the death rate for all causes of death for females between 15 and 24 year olds. These figures tell us the severity of the disease and action should be done.

This also makes me think of our own situation here in the Philippines. I am not sure if there is that much awareness on the subject. I have to read more on this.

Author’s Note also informed me that Ms. Catherine also suffered from anorexia nervosa. As I have mentioned in our other reviews, it is heartwarming when an author decides to share a part of his/her soul to the readers. We would like to tell you that this doesn’t go unnoticed and that because of this you will be forever imprinted in ours.

Other books that also deal with serious matter are:

  • It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
  • Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
  • When She Left by Gayle Forman

Refreshingly different and guaranteed to leave you thoughtful, The Sky Between You and Me is a book that you definitely need to pre-order now!

Click link to pre-order in Amazon:

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