Songs to Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria



Love isn’t supposed to be this hard.

Now that he’s finally won Jill, the girl who’s always rocked his world, you’d think life would be heaven on earth for Shinta Mori. In a way, it is. But maybe he’s underestimated the fact that he’s a hunky movie star in Japan while his girl is ruling the indie music scene all the way in Manila.

When he spends a long-awaited vacation with her–through impromptu performances, frenzied flyer distribution, and unhinged radio guestings–he realizes how imperfect his seemingly perfect life is. And he begins to wonder if what they have is strong enough to survive years of being apart.

Can Shinta prove he’s worthy of the spotlight the universe shines on him? And more importantly, deserving of the devotion of a young girl in love?

About the Author:

Jay E. Tria is inspired by daydreams, celebrity crushes, a childhood fascination of Japanese drama and manga, and an incessant itch to travel. She writes contemporary young adult and new adult romance. Sometimes, paranormal fantasy too.

Visit her website

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wattpad: jayetria

IMG_0045 - Copy (2)

Okay. Can we just say how proud we are to read the work of a fellow Filipino? Aaargh!

With that out of the way, we would like to tell you guys that we received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Here it is.

We didn’t like it that much.

Here’s our conversation:

Jovi: The book is too detailed! It didn’t leave anything to my imagination.

Karla: It felt stilted. The too many details didn’t make for a beautiful flow of reading.

Jovi: The way the chapters ended didn’t make me want to read on. Instead, all I wanted to do was look for another to read.

Karla: The story felt a little flat. *slashes hand in the air* Like, you know, the heart monitor when the patient’s dead.

Jovi: It’s dull. Just another book about love, really.

Karla: I didn’t feel anything. My heart didn’t skip a beat. It didn’t pinch and hurt when they are faced with their dilemma of long distance love and breaking up. Just…. nothing.

Jovi: I didn’t even see the conflict…

Karla: …

Jovi: There was no struggle.

Karla: There was.

Jovi: I didn’t feel it.

Both: …

Karla: It seemed a little too Westernized for me. You really cannot see the Filipino-ness of it.

Both: …

Karla: Maybe because we weren’t able to read the first two books that we weren’t able to appreciate the third book?

Jovi: *shrugs*

Karla: Maybe we should read more romance?

Jovi: *makes a face*

— End of conversation —

The book is a little bit of both hit and miss. The storyline could have been good but we think Jay could have done more. We are glad she has chosen us to read her work and we were able to know her.

You might still have a long way but please know that we will be right here to support you, Jay! Keep writing!


img_0045-copy-5D Rate Three star.PNG

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